Thank you for visiting our tips section. Most of our clients have their house cleaned, because they recognise the need for a cleaner environment, they also share that it is the lack of time that made them look for an extra help. We know that their budget is not unlimited and they choose to have a weekly cleaner to stay on top of cleaning. But there are tasks that are completed only few times during the year, and to save money they do part of themselves. Our tips are for home cleaning and organising, they a short but full of information, because we value your time. There is something for everyone, we will start with the basics and update them on a regular basis:

-make a house cleaning and organising list-small tasks can be completed every week to eliminate a big clean.

-keep all your cleaning materials in one place ,so both you and the cleaner can find them easily , having some of them in the bathroom and the rest in the kitchen is very helpful too .

-For burned –on with food pan, pour 2 cups of water and some dishwashing liquid, and boil it. After it cools off you can easily remove the burned food. You can also apply this technique for the microwave.

-to keep you oven as clean as new, wipe off after every the glass and the inside of the oven.

- descale your kettle every 3 to 6 months. Use only branded descaler, switch it off, fill half of it with water to leave enough space for the descaler to fizz up. Boil at least two kettles with water, before drinking from it. Money saving technique, yet not that effective is mixing 1 cup of water and 1 cup of distilled white vinegar into the kettle and leave overnight. On the following day fill with fresh water and boil it, then discard that water.

-chopping board is one of the places bacteria concentrate most. To get rid of me garlic, onion and meat odour, squeeze few lemons on the board. Leave it in the kitchen sink overnight and rinse off the next morning.

-for cleaning windows and other surfaces that need shining, add vinegar and you should see how helpful the acid in this product can be .

-for clean stainless steel, wash with distilled vinegar, then dry and apply very thin film of baby oil or olive oil.

-an easy and cheap way to get the fluff off your clothes is to wrap around your hand a sellotape, so that the sticky side is facing outwards. Use your hands to remove hair and fluff.