Fast home cleaning for unexpected visitors
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You have 15min or less to tide up. Follow this simple tips and your house will be clean and ready.

Open all windows , some air always brings some freshness to the house. Close doors-the only areas your guest will see are hallways, bathroom or toilet and living or dining room.

Hallways- (3min )Tidy up shoes or put them away in a cupboard, hang or clear items like coats and bags-you bedroom bed can do fine ,if you are really running out of time.

Bathroom and toilet-(3min) Clean the toilet seat thoroughly -use wet disinfecting wipes, if available. Wash the sink and dry shine the taps. Tidy up the towels and shine the mirrors if needed.

Living room/Dining room area-(5min)Do not panic if it is too messy, fold the cosy blankets, turn off the TV and the laptop-you would want them to feel like interrupting something important, do you? Clear all cups, glasses and ashtrays away. All newspapers and books can go in a bag .Polish the tables and dust the appliances- this new plasma TVs tend to attract a lot of dust.

Vacuum clean (3-4 min) very quickly-you have about a minute for every room, so do it cannot be a very detailed clean, simply picking up the noticeable bits and freshening up.

We believe you would feel relieved when you notice the radical difference a 15min cleaning can make.