Bathroom cleaning
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Taking good care for the bathroom pays off. Your bath, basin and toilet (except for the tabs) can be kept as new and only be changed ,if you are tired of the design or decide to treat yourself to a whirlpool bath.

First and most important is to be aware of surface. Here are the most common ones.

· Acrylic (plastic)-all budget and DIY –store baths are acrylic. Abrasive cleaning products are not recommended .Cream or multi-purpose sprays are more suitable. The acrylic may be very thin .Hard or sharp objects can crack the surface vary easily.

· Steel/cast iron-both have enamel coat.

· Enamel-older baths and expensive modern baths. Use only products safe on enamel. Avoid acid based cleaners or lime scale removers. With time enamel, can wear thin. Bath resurfacing is an option.

· Porcelain- top choice for toilets and sinks. Gentle abrasive can be used. Weak points, heavy items can chip small parts and the plughole can be easily discoloured ,if strong cleaners are used.

· Ceramic tiles-Resist most of all-purpose cleaners. Can be dried to shine up.

· Glass-prone to smearing and getting coated with soap scup. Shower spray ,lime scale remover and window cleaner can be used, depending on the state of the glass.

Your domestic cleaner will do the detailed and complete cleaning for you in most cases on a weekly basis, so that your bathroom looks new for a long time, but you can keep the bathroom looking shiny on a daily basis. Keep it tidy, all objects can sit inside a cupboard or on one shelf .One rule is clean up as you go. Remove shower scum and use shower spray for the glass, or simply run across with the squeegee. Have disinfectant wipes and mirror wipes in hand. It is a 10second routine for the seats and for the mirrors that not only shines, but kills the bacteria as well. Have two sets of mats, so you can quickly put them in the washing machine and have the new ones out. Always ask your children to go back and pick up things that are left in the wrong place, they can build useful routines too. All our tips take 3-5minutes, but you will benefit from a clean, fresh and disinfected bathroom every day.