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Fast home cleaning for unexpected visitors
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You have 15min or less to tide up. Follow this simple tips and your house will be clean and ready.

Open all windows , some air always brings some freshness to the house. Close doors-the only areas your guest will see are hallways, bathroom or toilet and living or dining room.

Hallways- (3min )Tidy up shoes or put them away in a cupboard, hang or clear items like coats and bags-you bedroom bed can do fine ,if you are really running out of time.

Bathroom and toilet-(3min) Clean the toilet seat thoroughly -use wet disinfecting wipes, if available. Wash the sink and dry shine the taps. Tidy up the towels and shine the mirrors if needed.

Living room/Dining room area-(5min)Do not panic if it is too messy, fold the cosy blankets, turn off the TV and the laptop-you would want them to feel like interrupting something important, do you? Clear all cups, glasses and ashtrays away. All newspapers and books can go in a bag .Polish the tables and dust the appliances- this new plasma TVs tend to attract a lot of dust.

Bathroom cleaning
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Taking good care for the bathroom pays off. Your bath, basin and toilet (except for the tabs) can be kept as new and only be changed ,if you are tired of the design or decide to treat yourself to a whirlpool bath.

First and most important is to be aware of surface. Here are the most common ones.

· Acrylic (plastic)-all budget and DIY –store baths are acrylic. Abrasive cleaning products are not recommended .Cream or multi-purpose sprays are more suitable. The acrylic may be very thin .Hard or sharp objects can crack the surface vary easily.

· Steel/cast iron-both have enamel coat.

· Enamel-older baths and expensive modern baths. Use only products safe on enamel. Avoid acid based cleaners or lime scale removers. With time enamel, can wear thin. Bath resurfacing is an option.