Domestic Cleaning

Are you leading a busy life? Do you find it hard finding the time to spend with your loved ones or just to relax? Let us help you with all the boring chores in your house!

You can book a service on a weekly or fortnightly basis. Our cleaning operatives can step in with cleaning and ironing domestic  help. They can complete the same cleaning tasks on every visit or they might leave half an hour/ hour for tasks to be rotated – the ones that are not done on a regular basis, but that once left behind are much more time consuming (inside cupboards and drawers, ovens, fridges , behind radiators, inside windows, etc.)

Domestic Cleaning services can be booked within all London Post codes and most of the Greater London ones.

We have a supervisor that evaluates the work completed by the cleaners. That means you will have all the support and attention needed thought the whole duration of the service. We will not forget about you once you have booked the service.

For more information or to book our Domestic Cleaning Service, contact us now! We can assure you, you will be more than satisfied with the results.